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7 July 2015

Local Knowledge: Recal Media

In this edition of Local Knowledge, AHBC profiles Aaron Fiora of Digital Marketing agency Recal Media.

Aaron started his Adelaide Hills digital marketing agency Recal Media in 2012 after building up a number of his own ecommerce ventures.

“I had my own online stores including 2 on eBay along with my own online men’s accessories store which sold jewellery, bracelets, shirts and other accessories."

“Growing up I also had lots of experience trading cars so I created ebooks called that show people how to build an income through trading cars."

While promoting his ‘muse' businesses, Aaron taught himself marketing, copywriting and many other necessary skills including how to build websites. Initially, these skills were for his own businesses but soon he realised there was interest from others.

“One day I decided to put up my own ad on Gumtree that said, 'hey if anyone needs a website let me know,' and by accident I found that there was quite a demand."

And so the digital marketing agency Recal Media was born.

Aaron’s broad range of skills enables Recal Media to be a one stop shop for the digital media needs of small to medium businesses.

"I can do anything from photo editing, film editing, building websites, getting them online, marketing, to setting up the email sequence,” says Aaron.

"Primarily, we service 2 client types;

1. Someone who has just started a new business and really wants to launch it well
2. An established business who knows they need improvement and want to take it to the next level."

"A common issue in the marketplace is always not being found online because they are not optimising for their target audience,” says Aaron.

“They might have a huge customer base but just don’t know how to go about connecting to them on a deeper level or bring them back in."

“A lot of people just don’t know what to do.."

Recal Media has continued to grow each year without any need to advertise since gaining their first customer.

“We make sure we over deliver with every project and only offer solutions that will offer maximum results,”

“I’m not one to ask, 'would you like fries with that’ to a potential client,” he says.


1 - Know what your competitors are doing 
Go on their website and see what they are doing and more importantly why they're doing it. Quite often they are doing certain things because they work well or have a good ROI.

2 - Look at it from your customers perspective
Reevaluate your website and look at it from a customer’s perspective. For example if you were thinking of hiring or buying from yourself, what would you like to see on your website.

3 - Identify common factors (other than price) that have encouraged you to purchase in the past
Make a list 5 or 10 other website that you’ve been to or purchased from in the past. Think about what made you go there and what encouraged you to purchase from those sites. For example if you’re shopping at say 10 different shoe stores and they are all selling the same shoes, what made you buy from your that store. Look for factors other than price.

4 - Keep Learning 
Every day I'm listening to podcasts while I’m driving or in the background while I’m working. Keep learning and you can apply that knowledge to your own business.

5 - Be curious, try everything and drop what doesn't work
For example if your business is on social media you may not see a large benefit from the time you spend engaging with customers on say, Facebook, but your business might see a lot more benefit from something like Pinterest, Linkedin or Instagram.

Aaron will be working from the AHBC around 2-3 days per week during non-set hours. If you would like to arrange an in person meeting feel free to contact him here.


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