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3 June 2015

5 Top Biz Tips - Turning Silver To Gold

I was reminded recently of a speech given by Katrina Webb at "Business Week".

Katrina has been recognised for her outstanding success as a Gold Medal Paralympics Athlete but what I found of interest was the five simple steps she employed to move from a silver place getter to a gold medal winner.

The background to her story is of being pipped at the post at each event and what she changed to obtain the elusive gold.

No matter how hard she trained it did not change the end result, so she made 5 changes and here they are:-
  1. Set goals, then create and focus on the processes to achieve these goals. 
    Spend time in working out the process and then work the process. It also helps others to understand what you are trying to achieve.
  2. Commit to your goal and manage your time to do so. 
    Prioritise, Delete (Dump it), Delay, Do or Delegate Tasks - in other words, good time management practices.
  3. Learn to say NO.
    Don’t do things that take you away from your goals or time commitments.
  4. Surround yourself and communicate with positive “Can Do People” with similar attitudes and goals to you.
    Avoid people that have a “can’t do” attitude.  It’s important to have people that are supportive and realistic around you.
  5. “You” take time to revitalise both physically and mentally.
    You won't achieve anything if you are not there, so look after yourself and make time to do so.
I think this forms a  nice short list that we can all use to improve our ability to achieve our own goals.