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25 March 2015

Grow Your Business by 'Tapping In' to Established Audiences

Source: Jan 14 Australia Social
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In July last year I wrote a short post about how businesses can increase their awareness with content on their website.  [Originally published on]

If you have just started with content marketing, one of the hardest parts is actually getting people to consume your material – especially if you don’t have an existing customer base.

A proven strategy to attract more visitors to your own website is to create content that involves other people or organisations. 

For example:
  • You could interview another person in your industry about a hot topic 
  • You could get a quote from an expert to add to your blog post 
  • You could use examples of successful companies in your niche 
  • You could profile a supplier or sponsor 
  • You could review an industry conference or event 
Media Production Studio @ Adelaide Hills Business Centre
Once you have uploaded your new piece of content to your own website remember to then promote it on social media. Most channels will allow you to ‘tag’ or ‘mention’ other businesses/ people that were involved. That way they will receive a notification and often click through to read, listen or view your content.

If your content is of a high standard and makes them look good, they are likely to share it with their audience - essentially doing marketing on your behalf.

Now your brand has reached significantly more people, who had previously never heard of you.

Today, Gary Vaynerchuk posted a similar article titled, Grow Your Brand By Leveraging Someone Else's that expands on the concept. He calls it "equity arbitrage" because you will boost visitors to your own site by bringing across a portion of people who are interested in your interviewees.

This is exactly the strategy the Adelaide Hills Business Centre is using with our 'Local Knowledge' segment. We interview business people about their story which is great for them because they get free publicity on our online properties. Here's one example where we feature Udder Delights.

Because AHBC 'hosts' the content, we naturally get exposure to new audiences that stumble on the story because they are interested in the business or individual who has been interviewed.