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16 March 2015

Adelaide Hills Real Estate Outlook - March 2015

Real Estate markets in Melbourne and particularly Sydney are running hot!

But what does that mean for property in the Adelaide Hills? In this video for AHBC, Paul Davies from Adelaide Hills Real Estate discusses the outlook for real estate in Australia, Adelaide and the Adelaide Hills.


Paul Davies - Ph: 0406 009 033
Adelaide Hills Real Estate website:

Video Highlights

0.00 - Demographics and how they affect the real estate market
0.40 - How often people come into Australia as immigrants
1.00 - Why Australia is 'lucky' compared to other countries
1.45 - The effect of skilled immigrants
2.10 - The Watershed Production Zone and its restrictions
2.20 - Is now a good time to get into property investment market?

Helpful Links

Population Clock -Australian Bureau of Statistics

This video was created at the Adelaide Hills Business Centre using the Media Production Studio.