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Local Businesses

2 February 2015

You've Got To Know About This One Straight Away

I released a podcast episode on BookPals Business Sanity last week and as small business owners I had to let you know about this one straight away.

I interviewed a guy by the name of Alex Pirouz who is the founder of a business called and Alex specializes in teaching B2B businesses how to more effectively market themselves on LinkedIn.

To be truthful, before I spoke with Alex I was like many other people out there who thought that LinkedIn was pretty much a place where people put their CV's or resumes so that potential employers can find out about them and offer them employment, but since speaking with Alex my opinion of LinkedIn has seriously changed and I am spending a lot - LOT - more time there letting people know about our services.

Have a listen to this discussion and make up your own mind about whether or not you think that LinkedIn can help you better promote your business - my bet is that if you sell B2B products and/or services you'll be spending a lot more time on LinkedIn after listening to this chat.