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Local Businesses

6 January 2015

Assistance for Displaced Businesses resulting from Adelaide Hills Bushfires

For some residents of the Adelaide Hills, their home is their place of business.  The horrific bushfires through many parts of the Adelaide Hills has meant many residents are not able to return home due to access restrictions, lack of power or property loss.

It's one thing to lose your family home, but to lose your livelihood puts real pressure on any recovery process.

The Adelaide Hills Business Centre is offering Free Access to the Coworking Spaces and meeting rooms for those local business people that have been displaced.

The centre offers you access to a seat, table, WiFi, coffee and other services at no cost for a period of time.

Just contact us using the online form below to arrange free membership and 24/7 access key to the Woodside business centre.

Use Subject "Bushfire Relief - Free Work Space"
Under the Message section, let us know if you need a computer or assistance to recover your data from cloud storage or external drives.  We will help if we can.