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Local Businesses

19 December 2014

Local Knowledge: Energy Aspect Living

This month's local business story comes from Donna of Energy Aspect Living in Woodside.

Top Tip: 

The most valuable business lesson is to have a go, you might just surprise yourself!
Can you tell us about Energy Aspect Living?
It is possible to build a home that saves you money and has less impact on our environment, and as a builder, Energy Aspect Living wouldn't have it any other way. Our clients, whether building new or renovating their existing home, get to experience what it means to live a comfortable and healthy lifestyle at home, without it costing the earth (in dollars and in nature).

How do you attract prospects?
Energy Aspect Living uses a range of mediums to engage with the community, and we are passionate about sharing our knowledge so that anyone can build and live in an energy efficient home. We have developed a compass and sun card as interactive marketing tools to share solar passive principles for design, which both kids and adults alike engage with. We also include knowledge resources on our website and we are actively involved in events where we can meet and talk with community members.

What’s the most valuable lesson you’ve learned through running a business?
The most valuable business lesson is to have a go, you might just surprise yourself!

What's the best piece of business advice you have ever received and where did it come from?
The best piece of advice is probably the same. Gordon Kay is a valuable business mentor and has worked with us from the very beginning. His knowledge is diverse and he comes with real experience as a business owner himself. You can't learn about what it really means to run a business from a book or from study - you have to experience it, and have been there and done it - and Gordon brings that real down to earth experience and knowledge.

How do you see your business in 5 years time?
In 5 years time we hope that everyone will be wanting to build an energy efficient home, and that we have the capacity to help them build it. We are also looking forward to showcasing projects so others can learn from real energy efficient homes and are well informed on not only how to go about building an energy efficient home, but also understand and appreciate the benefits of living in a home that is designed and built to work in balance with nature.

Danny and Donna have a passion for building homes that are in balance with our environment. When they started Energy Aspect Living in 2007 they wanted to make a difference and share their skills and knowledge with people that are concerned about their future and the environment.
20 Evans St, Woodside