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Local Businesses

2 September 2014

Open For Business

Adelaide Hills Business Centre now open for business and community people
Take a walk inside - Click the image and follow the arrows
For months, locals have been watching and speculating about the renewing of an 1850's bungalow located in the main street of Woodside. One couple said it was going to be a boarding house, others saying a business office through to a house of delights. The mind boggles at the thought.


So lets set the record straight. . . . . It's a business centre with a twist. . . . . I know, no clearer!

Imagine a place where people in business or community groups can gather to share and discuss ideas, freely exchange concepts and knowledge with young and old while enjoying fresh coffee and other delights in a relaxing environment.

Then lets add a connection to others and the cloud by WiFi internet, access to power for charging computer and mobile devices, newspapers, business magazines, etc.

Are you getting the picture now? . . . . However its more than that.

The centre has been created for the local hills people to use as their work place with a sense of ownership. It's not filled with desks, filing cabinets and public servants, rather it's occupied by everyday people sharing common goals.

For sure there is someone here that oversees events and programs and to share what they know but thats only a small part of the Adelaide Hills Business Centre experience.

I can't really tell you what it is as it's different for each of us. However I can say its a first in the Adelaide Hills and similar to what I encountered recently in Portland Oregon. It's the way many of us will improve our work life balance, share cost and resources and to grow.

You will just have to come along and experience it yourself

Come along to our next public Come & Try event
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