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24 September 2014

13 Reasons Why You Should Try A Co-Working Space

Co-working spaces are becoming increasingly popular worldwide. Here's 13 reasons why according to the Adelaide Hills Business Centre in Woodside.

1. 24/7 Accesss
Unlike traditional offices, modern co-working spaces offer the flexibility to work whenever it suits you. At the Adelaide Hills Business Centre (AHBC) you are given a card that allows you can enter and exit the facilities as you please - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

2. Networking Made Easy
You won’t have to attend as many external conferences and events in order to “network”. Co-work spaces are full of stories about connections formed over a coffee or at the printers. AHBC hosts on-site events and workshops with guest speakers that will help move your business forward.

3. Meet New Clients & Find Talent
You never know, the people you work alongside each day might want to hire you for their next project!

4. Get New Ideas & Share Knowledge
Gain insights and new ideas from people from a variety of industries and backgrounds, who can provide you with a different point of view.

Looking back on the AHBC from the big backyard

5. Work Closer to Home
Choosing a co-working space closer to home means less time travelling. Adelaide Hills residents no longer need to drive down the freeway saving them time and fuel.

6. Meet with Clients in a Professional Setting
While working from your lounge room may be convenient, it’s not the ideal place to be meet new clients. AHBC is equipped with a Board Room and Confidential Corner that can be used on a short term basis for you and your invited guests.

7. Remove Isolation
Co-working solves the problem of isolation that many "solopreneurs" experience when they work from home.

8. Increase Your Productivity
Being surrounded by other professionals naturally motivates people to increase their output. As does being exposed to lots of cool projects. Did we mention FREE coffee?

9. Get Exposure Through the Co-working Brand
Because you are a member of the community your business will be featured in AHBC branded media such as  email newsletters, the website and social media properties.

The Virtual Media Centre
10. Access Professional Facilities you may not have at Home
No longer do you have to worry about organising furniture, internet access, computer, software, printers, projectors, cameras, microphones, utilities or any other facilities that are required when setting up an office.

11. Get the Support You Need
Running your own business can be stressful at times. Get support from a community who understand what you’re going through or even sought advice from Business Mentors at the AHBC.

12. Multiple Work Positioning
No longer do you have to be desk jockey the entire day. AHBC has plenty of areas you can work ranging from couches to outdoor tables. Move around throughout the day as you please!

13. Flexible Commitments
Co-working spaces often accommodate changes to your work requirements. At AHBC you may "pay as you go" with a Casual Plan and upgrade to Regular, Frequent or Executive plans as you grow your business.